Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Feeling It.

I mean, ya. Sure. If I tried really hard I could get all upset about Ron Paul's tone deaf racism, but ya know? We did this dance before with the son. Now we know where son got his buttfuck insane, racist-friendly, if not loving ideas from. So it's hard to be at all surprised, or otherwise pretend, we didn't know this before. But here goes.

Dr. Rep. Paul. Listen up. If one recognizes a "property right" in being able to discriminate by race, and then one goes even further and defends the "property right" in being able to discriminate by race, and one doesn't approve of laws that impede this "property right" in being able to discriminate by race? Then one is defending racism. Whether or not your heart is in the racism part is so close to irrelevant, that it really doesn't matter. You are supporting racism. That's not classic racism, in the sense one is not engaging directly in the racist act itself. But one is so culpable in the offense, that ya know? (Guess you don't, so let me tell you the truth) what you are doing is so close to racism, that we will just consider you a racist. We will continue to consider you a racist unless and until you change your mind and say that racism is so personally against your beliefs that you think government should fight it.

You are not allowed to pretend to be neutral. Either you are against that shit, or you are not. And if you are not, you are supporting it.

* * *

And a few quickies. Huckabee likes his big fat Fox paychecks, so he's not going to run. But I am sure he will say stupid stuff, still. Expect more racist-loving dog whistles.

Newt is in the race. He invented a new racist dog whistle, "Food Stamp President." Then denied the racist dog whistle. Then he doubled down and pulled out the tried and true one about "Detroit." How many different ways can this old Georgia bigot imply that P. Obama is taking the nation "Ghetto," with out actually saying it that bluntly? We will see, as I am sure he has only just begun, with that rancid shit.

Let the shit storm begin. It should get to be particularly rancid when Herman Cain starts stealing Newt's lines or line of business. And Bachmann? Oh my gawd. I should not want to see her go down that road. But I got to say, we know it's coming. Can't stop it. It's a runaway train of racist crazy talk coming round the bend.

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