Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non Story of the Week. PintGate.

Laura Ingraham has her chastity belt in a twist, over P.Obama stopping down at the pub, to have a pint during his stop in Ireland, while there was a tornado going on back in the USA.

Is it that they have totally given up the idea of finding substantive issues to talk about, or are they that far gone? Or both? Never mind the whole timing thing. I mean he was in Ireland. Big time difference. And then there's the whole matter of when the vid got out and all that. And even if Obama can put the kill order on terroristas, he doesn't have magical powers to stop tornadoes, yet. And he already announced plans to visit Joplin. Not to merely do a George Bush fly by, and wait until a hue and cry of insensitively and (follow me, Laura,) genuine "tone deafness" reaches such a level of critical mass in the nation that he has to book a return flight, have them land the plane, and get out. Na. We are way ahead of that shit. We are on it! Republican monsters in Congress are bitching and moaning about the $$ already.

Hey lady. Do something meaningful. Go bust those heartless bastids' nuts instead.

Pardon me. I'm barely trying today. I had one of 'those' trips to the dentist today. The kind that leave one feeling exhausted.

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