Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mittens' Dog Whistle: "Hang Him."

Yesterday I typed out a post regarding Mitt Romney's (so called) gaff, in making an extended metaphor regarding hanging things around P. Obama's neck, like the famous Albatross in the S.T. Coleridge poem. And Mittens ended up saying, "Hang him with that," and immediately pulled his punch with weasel words.

Anyway, I decided to sit on the draft, and did not publish it. Partially, I held my horses back, as I got off on a tangent about Ann Althouse -- her post on her blog set a fire under my ass. I chose to hold back, hoping one of her commenters would point out her misremembering misunderstanding of the meaning of the word lynch. And one did. Kudos to that sharp knife in that drawer.

Also, kudos to the bright commenter who called out Mittens as knowing full well what he was doing. I agree. I just now watched the vid, and I agree. No mistake there. He was engaging in a racist dog whistle with deliberate intent, if not having practiced delivering the line. I am not going to say my theatrical training in the acting arts means I can always call out an actor acting. That would be claiming too much. But I will say what I know about good actors and the best actors. You can see the work, watching a good actor. You don't see the work, you don't see the effort, watching a great actor. And I am going to say, as far as the political stage is concerned, Mittens is one of the greats.

Anyway, that is the set up. So let me now get to the real point. As there is no reasonable doubt, really, that Mittens was deliberately blowing the racist dog whistle there, and this is definitely not the last time we will hear that racist dog whistle from the GOP Contenders and Wannabes, comes the following question:

How far out racist need any GOP Contender or Wannabe get, before the others pounce on him or her like a piece of red meat tossed in the tiger cage?

They all want to run against P. Obama. And this time the nerve to push harder against the racist taboos seems higher already than last time (and that was ugly enough!) But eventually these chuckle-headed clowns will have to understand the following fact. They have to run against each other, before they get to run against P. Obama. So is there some objective point where the dog whistles get too far out there, or will we just have to wait and see who pounces on whom for what crack? I'm thinking wait and see.

There are few blood sports I enjoy, but I do enjoy GOP Gladiator Contests. Or maybe the better analogy is a pack of hungry, feral dogs, pouncing on the weakest member of the pack, for a snack? I'll be well entertained, once that starts. And if what happened to Mr. Comb Over during the Press Corp party leads to the pack smelling blood from that critter, and if the rest start to pounce, then we will know, it's on!

(And I did not start out trying to throw in as many metaphors as I could. It just worked that way. A subtle bit of commentary, I am thinking.)

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