Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last (I am guessing) Nontroversey of the Week: Sarah Silverman's Masshole Gate.

With that clear an intro, I should get right to it. Apparently someone with more mischief in their heart than smarts in their brain let my favorite comedy Bad Girl into the Fox Sports broadcast booth for a recent Yankees vs Red Sox game. And she called Red Sox fans "Massholes."

Now if forced to name a team at gunpoint or face immediate death, I'd calll myself a Yankee fan. Whatever. But the thing for me (and I checked) is that Ms. Silverman is originally from the Granite State. New Hampshire. And the favorite way for Granite Staters to refer to their neighbors just to the south of their state line, is to call them "Massholes."

So that's it. Nothing to see here. Move along. (But I have to wonder if I ever met her before she was famous? At least I could have walked past her on Main Street in Concord, or down at the Mall back before she got her first real gigs? Who knows!)

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