Monday, May 30, 2011

GOP Ratfucking in the 21st Century.

The Anthony Weiner (is it or ain't it a) scandal. Personally, I am willing to accept as true the statement from the alleged intended recipient of the photo (who oddly never got it, actually.) Seems like someone was up to no good here, and, as I believe this to be the truth, my heart goes out to the poor young lady in question. Smells Like a Ratfucking to me.

That Rep. Weiner would draw the attention of the scuzziest dirty tricksters of the GOP, seems a no-brainer. And this manufactured Twitter sex scandal just smells like a 21st century ratfuck.

Granted, we have that piece of shit James O'Keefe not only running his own tax exempt ratfuck shop, his shop allegedly is training others how to do that bullshit, manufactured video camera ratfucking. Why not take that to the Internet? Imagine what Tricky Dick's Original Gangsta Cali Ratfuckers would have done with today's technology? You don't have to imagine. Not if you have been reading this this far.

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