Friday, May 20, 2011

Given the Choice to Admit Real Mistake, or Double Down on the Stupid, they Usually Double Down on the Stupid.

That is my best guess why the GOP "leadership" is sticking with the idea of basically killing off Medicare when at least 2/3rds of Americans are saying keep your stinking hands off my Medicare.

I mean, I get it, why those douchebags hate Medicare. It's Federal. It's Big Government. It's more effective and useful for the patient than free market vouchers would ever be. And it helps real peoples' real lives. That shit can't be suffered if your a crony capitalist tool. But they are so out of touch with the majority of Americans that they have to be doubling down on the stupid, here.

God knows, I would love to see the GOP collapse under the weight of its own arrogant stupidity. Could it really be just a motion away?

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