Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow Up Re Fine Arts vs Theatre People on alleged . . . Free Speech, Communication Theory/Reality.

In a related vein, I am this late night, early morning about to continue the taped/filmed version of the brilliant recent version of what we Theatricals superstitiously refer to as,"The Scottish Play." The superstition is generally never say the name of that Shakespeare play set in Scotland, while inside a theatre. The Specific superstition is never ever say the name either backstage or in the dressing room of a theatre before a performance. And I don't believe in superstitions generally, but as I almost got beaned in the head by a metal gel frame that slid off a lighting instrument when I was doing summer stock when a member of the cast broke that prohibition, I am a hard ass. I really try to NEVER say the name of the play or the title character.

I saw, in original broadcast, the last act and a half. A couple months ago when it became available on Netflix on line view, I got to the middle of act II at least. So I need to watch the middle of it. It is such brilliant theatre I want to beat myself with a leather strap (almost) for not getting my ass to BAM to see the production live. That would be Brooklyn Academy of Music, and I never get my ass out there for the good stuff, nor book fast enough, the tix. Snooze/loose. All that.

In my defense. It sold out so quickly, that was not an option. Really. But anyway. I am going there. Now.

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