Monday, May 09, 2011

Even More Than Usual Stream of Consciousness Edition.

That means, basically, I don't have much of a hook here, I am thinking. But I'll fling something at those damned GOPers. Firstly, some thoughts about a pissing match between Herman Cain and Rick Santorum, following the wannabe GOP Candidate B List debate, Santorum (himself not exactly having a stellar election record) make a crack that Cain is multiple looser, never been winner in the political game. Now I think that is a perfectly reasonable fact based shot. Cain's reply was to cite the Reagan 11th Commandment about not criticizing other conservatives.

No wonder Cain's never won shit. This is a primary. All ya'll can't spend all your time running against the Dem. incumbent. You have to run against each other first. Ya moron!

And the leads to the less organized thoughts. I have read various musings and drippings and predictions regarding the GOP Primary season. It's hard to predict what is going to happen with this bunch. But it looks like the batshit crazy theme (otherwise known as hard right ideology) will be the dominant one. That and the insane clown car posse aspect of that party. I am not predicting shit yet, but I thing they (the GOP) just might end up with one of the bland guys, like Mittens or Daniels or Pawlenty. And in a move towards the sanest guy in the room, the GOP money bosses might be thinking this way already, go with the better known name. Who but for political junkies know anything about Pawlenty of Daniels, really? Never mind Hunstman. So I am not predicting anything yet. But I think the money will follow a more 'establishment' candidate. I don't think the people who actually run the GOP want anyone on their ticket who either is not really "one of them" or otherwise a reliable puppet.

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