Thursday, May 12, 2011

Endorsing a Great Piece About Race and How White Privilege Can be Damaging to Whites.

Although that description above is not the main thrust of the piece, Chauncey DeVega delivers a thoughtful analysis of the national (if not international) pathology of white privilege. And let's just face the core fact here. That is what is at root cause of most of America's race problems. That is to say that the white on non white racism in America is the majority of the whole of race related problems in America. For the the most part (I am not saying exclusively, but I am saying most part) that's all that needs be addressed. Despite the sort of Bogeyman race baiting pimped by Fox News and the rest of the wing nut redneck racist hordes.

On a related matter, here is the link, and one of the key themes explored in the piece is how

Whiteness is always afraid of losing.

There is so much good, deep thinking in this post it's hard to pull a chunk out with out wanting to add more and more. So I will stop there and just urge anyone and everyone to give it a look.
(His site drives more traffic to mine than vice versa. If you haven't looked over there yet, this is the one to go read.)

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