Monday, May 02, 2011

Ding Dong, the Bitch is Dead!

Nice shooting boys. Now just for the record, I am all for some wet-work, now and then. And I fully approve of this action. Even if (as is the case of extreme sanctions for mass murderers) it's sorta like getting off easy, seems to me. Osama Bin Laden died a lot more mercifully than many of his victims.

Anyway, I missed the excitement last night. I went to bed nice and early, intending on starting this week with my wake/sleep cycle set to normal. Ish. And then I looked on the puter and saw the news. And it is news. And to explain what I mean by that, let me just post here my remarks from FB, earlier today. For those of you who don't know, remember, I am a native and current resident of the Metro NYC area, and was here on 9/11. And my comment comes from a thread started by one of my fellow Joiseyans, who likewise was and is in the area. (Typos corrected):

I went to bed early and did not know until this morning. What ever good feeling I had from the news, did not last past my first cuppa coffee. I hear you, about the memories of that day, Bob. I was one of the last cars to get on the NJT ... between Newark and the city. That's an erie memory I will never forget. Being the only car on the pike on a bright sunny day, mid morning.

And that's near my point. 911 and being here in the NYC area for the month after, was my real life. I lived it. This news, as good as it is, is news. It did not happen to me. It happened out there.

Now I could go longer, but for now, this will do. Well I will add one more thing. Last week, I discovered, in a sorta fenced off area sort of near the Weehawken Ferry Terminal, some framing from the Twin Towers (or as I have come to think of them, "The Girls.") Here are some pics of these real world reminders of what once was:

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