Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Difference Between Libs and Cons. It's as Clear as Night and Day.

Not to say it will always work out this way but here is the contrast and comparison.

Remember my post about that racist piece of garbage Eric Bolling, at Fox Business Channel? He who should have been forcibly removed from the set and building for his blatantly racist crack against P. Obama? Well that did not happen. That walking pile of human shit still has his gig, and hasn't apologized for well his blatantly racist shit.

Now his antagonist Ed Schultz had a bad couple days himself. Seems like old Ed went a bit too far on his radio show (not his TV show) and called Laura Ingraham a slut. I can understand the why of it. Ed does get going with a full head of steam and he wanted to insult her and he did. But he went a step too far there, I would say. And thinking about it, after I heard about the incident, I thought, shit Ed, you at least owe her an apology. At least. And he did that. Bless him for knowing right from wrong, after the fact, and owning that shit. And he is under suspension for the time being from his MSNBC show. Ok. That's fair too.

But what of racist piece of shit Eric Bolling? Not only is he still on air, unapologetic, but he led a dog pile against Ed last night. That was ironically after Ed had proven himself to be the better man. Fucking conservative, GOPers really suck. Anyway, the last report about this story is

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