Thursday, May 05, 2011

Are They All Eating the Paste?

Yes, that is my new go-to line. Until the next one. So let's get into it.

Firstly, the sadists/monsters who want to see the pictures. Now I am not saying the only reason one would want to see the pictures is on account of being sadists/monsters. However, no matter what other reasons are there, you can't make the sadistic monster part go away. No surprise Mrs. Palin is in that camp. (Confession. I have a very high threshold for 'stylized' violence. Loved both new "Spartacus" series. And when it comes to the real messy stuff, I once had a summer job at my University's Medical School Photo department. I used to mount the slides of Vermont State Police accident scenes. I have that high a tolerance. I just don't go out of my way, usually, for real world gore.)

Now after that, the most surprising line of attack from the wing nuts is this,"It was illegal," argument. Ok. It completely contradicts just about every damn thing the wing nuts say they believe in, in prosecution of the War on Terror. Hmm. On second thought, we are talking wing nuts. Expect hypocrisy. So I should not be that surprised some of them are saying a democratic president killing internationally-loathed, notorious mass murderer, and leader of an organization that has declared war on We The People of the U.S., is illegal. This is the most extreme evidence of what I think, and that is that the wing nuts will go to any length no matter how hypocritical or otherwise absurd, to take a whack at a Dem. POTUS.

And moving on from there, the paste eaters who are all excited because details of the raid have changed. Now as much as I am prone to cussing Ollie North out, he was on Hannity the other night, and set that chicken-shit, drop-out ignoramus Hannity straight on that matter. It takes a while to sort it all out, and get a definitive report. I did not watch the video, but it was said Hannity was not pleased to have his meme crushed with truth and facts and reality, like that.

I think I willl stop there. Oh. One last note. Today P. Obama is visiting the WTC site (I don't call it that other way. I hate that shit. I gave up calling it that less than a year out from 9/11.) Some of the paste eaters are trying to cheapen the moment by describing it as,"A Victory Lap."

Damn right! There's not a damn thing wrong with claiming victory after you take down the enemy of the Republic. But still, what I want most to see is the pix of Obama awarding SEAL Team 6 with their Navy Crosses (or what ever awards they get.)

Oh. And that reminds me. This really will be the last thing. All those fucktards who are denying that this happened? In order to actually believe in that, not only would one have to believe in a massive conspiracy involving hundreds if not thousands of people, but you would have to believe that our fine men and women in service are in on it, too. Of course the fine heroic and honorable members of SEAL Team 6 are not going to show up at any deathers house and "instruct" those paste eaters in the errors of their ways. But I would not say the same thing about former SEAL Jessie Ventura. He has a lot of time on his hands, and he's not at all shy about his opinions.

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