Saturday, April 09, 2011

Will Tea Baggers Now Sing That Lady Gaga Song?

I'm talking about,"Born This Way." But that song likely has more to do with sexual proclivities than politics. Nonetheless, more data is coming out that (and it doesn't say it this way but really -- this is the correct analysis) that conservatives are born defective, and that is why they are intolerant and paranoid people. They were born that way.

Granted the study is less judgmental than that. But based on all I know about psych, being born intolerant and paranoid is defective. It's dysfuntion. Anyway, link to the new data.

The liberal brain? Scans show liberals and conservatives have different brain structures.

I'm sure some wing nuts would argue that the parnoia is a good thing. But biology and anthropology, in addition to psychology, shoots that argument stone cold dead.

Paranoia would have kept our ancestors living in trees, and we'd (the species) still be scared of everything, if those humanoids with a normal brain did not venture forth and explore. And when necessary they would band together and work together to defeat large scary jungle cats (or Savanan cats. What ever.)

So much for the wing nut value of Individual Über Alles. If it wasn't for the early ancestors who could work together against big scary man eating cats, there never would have by the myth of the American Individual taming the west. Oh. Let's get real. Individuals did not tame the west. Cowboys did not tame the west. Even US Marshalls and the US Army did not tame the west. It was the railroads. Yes, the railroads did it, by making it easier for larger and larger numbers of people to move out there.

But I digress. I wonder what will be the next big discovery? Will they find out why wing nuts prefer comfortable lies over inconvienent facts? Can we medicate that away?

Oh and that reminds me. I am not now surprised about that study. This is not the first time we have heard this. It's just more science, repeating the testing and getting a similar result. But the reminder part is this idea I had back during the health care law debate. I had a flash one day during that circus of the Tea Baggers freaking out, and the GOP congress critters going all Chicken Little. I thoght that the reason the leadership was so scared of health care reform, particularly singel payer, was that if antidepressants were made any more widely available, that that would jeopardize the near future of the GOP. Take away people's anxiety and fear, and intolerance, and you take away a lot of the reason they pull the lever for those GOP bastids.

Just my opinion.

Nota Bene:

This study's specific findings supports my GOP = outlaw highwaymen, muggers, government hating anti social, borderline sociopaths theory. Liberal brains are tolerant and less violent. Conservative brains are wired for more fear, and more aggression. Just like criminal minds.

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