Friday, April 08, 2011

This is the Way Outlaws and Highway Bandits Work

As of the time I am starting to type this, there is no deal yet on preventing the gvt. shutdown. And despite the spin the GOPers are spewing, this is nothing more than extortion. If it were not a government negotiation, it would be a crime, what these bastids are trying to pull.

Rhetorical quesion (as I know there are sick bastids out there who like this sort of outlaw shit,) why do people respect this kinda shit and the corrupt bastids who pull this shit?

How did I say it the other day? I'm sick of them. GOPers. I think it's time to declare the GOP illegal (if not treasonous) and give folk the choice, recant or be deported. I am that sick of these people who really seem to want to destroy the Federal Government, with out necessarily saying they want to get rid of it all together. And the most honest, even if otherwise worst of that lot, admit, that's what they really want (Grover Norquist and company.)

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