Friday, April 01, 2011

Jon Stewart Takes On Fox News Liar

Take my advice. Skip the commentary (Mediaite's editors are as a general matter as shitty as the alleged mistake makers they claim to find.) Skip to the vid. Not Stewart's all time best routine, but pretty good. I particularly liked the end bit, slyly implicating Megyn Kelly as a fraud. Sometimes it's the subtle stuff that's the most clever. Jon Stewart riffs off Bill Sammon Confession re lying about Obama being a socialist. Anyway, as sort of sidebar, anyone buying into that Obama's a socialist crap really needs to be embarrassed for a spell. Ya. I know that some people still and wrongly take the GM deal to be evidence of socialist tendencies. Who could be that fucking stupid? Sammon for one. In Stewart's routine he goes over Sammon's idiotic remark about that. Now let me break that down, just for the record, the same way I did to a bunch of wing nuts when I was still wasting time on a message board. Ok. When socialists take over a business they do not buy it, or buy shares, or bonds, or loan it money. They just take it. But what Obama did to GM was made them a financial offer, that had the US Government loaning them some money, and as well, buying some securities in the business. In buying shares of the company the US Government was in the position of investor/owners. That's what owning shares in a company gives you: an ownership interest that allows for management rights based on the amount of the investment one makes in the company. In a short period of time those securities were put back on the market. Allegedly the US Gvt. made a profit of deal. That's not socialism, ya fucking idiots. That's capitalism. On account of the investing capital in an on going enterprise for the desired end of making a profit, part.

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