Thursday, April 07, 2011

So There Will Be Less Glenn Beck on Fox (not) News Channel.

That's progress, but I would like to see less, as in none at all, Fox (not) News at all. I have said it before, but not here. If I have a chance to meet P. Obama, after the introductions, I will say to him, "I am not speaking to the POTUS when I say the following, but the leader of the Democratic Party: Something must be done about Fox."

And to explain here, I am not talking unconstitutional First Amendment shit. I am talking extreme but legal political push back. We need to counter them at least, if we can't destroy them. And destruction is fine by me. I would love to see all those overpaid, hack, on air talents (*cough*) I mean partisan, lying assed weasels off the air, and the managers gone. But I would like to see the techs and crew to keep their gigs. So I am fine with a change in management from the top level of the channel, perhaps a buy out by some players who will better represent the changing demographics of the Nation, away from outlaw/redneck/wing nut tastes to brown "new" Americans. Something like a joint venture between some Indian entertainment corps and a Latin American media concern. Instead of that awful, Nation-murdering, brain killing, bullshit fake news, we'd have Bollywood musicals and Mexican Masked Wrestler movies. And more novellas. Ya. That would be a move in the right direction.

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Blogger Ebon Krieg said...

How about a class action lawsuit against FOX. Dismantle the corp. and distribute its assets.
A person can dream...

2:21 PM  

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