Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Many Folk to Cuss Out . . .

So little time.

Ok. I got into a squabble with someone on a friend's FB thread. Ya. I am supposed to be past this. But even among political allies, one can find cause for disagreement. And this fellow did not know about my pet peeve lately for redneck/outlaw/reb culture. My statement that led to the fracas was my statement that we would have been better off (at least democrats would be) if the surrendered reb army was imprisoned for life. That would have led to less southerners being born, and likely a quicker end to 'southern culture.' In other words, redneckism would have been seriously reduced, and we would not have the south as a close to solid GOP voting block.

Hey. I am only looking at the world as it is and saying, ya know . . . this could have been diminished, if not prevented.

So hey. If things had happened as I say, we might have never had Lynard Skynard. I could live with that, since that would mean no Kid Rock either. Um, make that his version of "Sweet Home Alabama." That's a fair trade.

We still would have Sarah Palin. But she would be some nobody snowbilly no one knew about. I mean, let's face it. With out the southern block, there would have never been the Reagan Years. The GOP would have died out already. And in the end that's what I want. I want the GOP to go away asap.

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