Saturday, April 23, 2011

So Little Time. So Much Stupid Shit. Strike That. Reverse It.

Apologies to Willy Wonka (or the author of the story, actually.)

Ok. So there's this feud, apparently, between Glenn Beck and Huckabee?

Ok. These barking idiot anti-nanny staters come in different flavors, and I guess Beck is further out on the fringe than some others (in all ways, likely.) But why NOW be freaking about Huckabee's defense of Michelle Obama's mission to reduce childhood obesity? Is there some other agenda here? Is Beck undercutting Huckabee, as he might run for the nomination (against Romney?) And if both Romney and Huck are in the race, that's two out of the pack who are more serious contenders, than the rest of those bastids. So is Beck doing some Brother Mormon boostering? Or, to employ the military metaphor, is Beck softening up the beach for Romney?

Sometimes Occam's Razor's best, easiest answer is not really that obvious. Here you have two sorta equally good agendas. And as I like to say, oftentimes it's not an either/or choice. Sometimes it's both.

Got To Love Right Wing Cannibalism.

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