Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raise Your Hands. Who Doesn't Get it, that Birtherism is Inherently Racist?

Ann Althouse maybe? I will not link her site, but she has over the past few days given aid and comfort to that racist opportunist Donald Trump with his media whoring pro Birther inherently racist shit.

Not that I am surprised; I doubted she'd pass my test, before. But some people are just too fucking insane not to get it, that birtherism is based on the wing nut tea bagger cultural discomfort (i.e. racism) that lots of right wing white Americans have about our Negro POTUS. Or make that Half Negro. Anything less than vanilla white is not white enough for some people. And I think I said it here before. I don't thing Trump is really pursuing some racist agenda. So much. But I really think what he is doing is shameless self promotion on account of his shit-tastic show (as I say, that jumped the shark in the second season) having tanking ratings. And did I say media whore? He doesn't care if his image gets damaged with the racist implication. Curse. Taint. He's sooo past that shit. He doesn't care if he is liked, or respected, or even feared. He cares about nothing but the most vulgar commercializing of his own old nasty ass. I think he would have sex with farm animals for ratings at this point, he's such a ho. JMO.

But what motivates anyone with an IQ allegedly above 22 to encourage that shit? I mean it is one thing for Mrs. Palin to do that. She is also a resident of Reality TV Bullshit, Cash-Out Your Own Ass, & Pimp Your Own Fucking Kids Land. So she is closer to The Donald than allegedly reasonable normal folk. But Perfessor Althouse will have to come up with her own defense for flirting with racism. Trying on KKK robes just to see how they fit with out taking the oath is a line of shit reasonable, intelligent people will not condone.

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