Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Paul Ryan and his Bullshit Prosperity Budget.

This evil crap reminds me of one of my favorite classic Monty Python Sketches: Dennis Moore. And there's a song, and I will only give the last bit of it.

"He steals from the poor, And gives to the rich, Stupid bitch."

Not that Paul Ryan is unique in this respect. This shit has been a main goal of the GOP for decades. All them sons of bitches are Dennis Moore.

It really doesn't matter how many latter day outlaw rednecks (as defined by conservative writer Thomas Sowell) there are propping up the GOP and electing these bigger crooks to office. They, the stupid rank and file, still buy this shit. Reganomics has been thoroughly disproven, even many of the core assumptions of Adam Smith Economics have been proven to be antiquated. And any bastid stupid enough to believe that a Federal National Government's budget is comprable to an individual or a family's budget is fucking insane! Families can't print money, raise taxes, set monetary policy, or issue bonds. But these stupid bastids keep on supporting these crooks.

It's like that old joke where Snow White is sitting on Pinocchio's face saying,"Lie to Me." Haven't used that one in a long time. But it definitely applies here.

Anyway, that's all for right now.

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