Thursday, April 21, 2011

Non Story of the Week. TrigGate.

This one is percolating more on the wing nut blogosphere. And it's sorta a tag along to another Palin family story. But the rude bastids at Wonkette really dumped on Trig Palin. And some of these wing nuts are acting like the sky has cracked open and the demons from another dimension are pouring through. Or some other catastrophic imagery will do, if you prefer.

Here's a taste of it:

Papa Johns, Huggies Pull Ads from Wonkette After Despicable Trig Palin Post.

Ok. Let me break it down.

Ya, the piece was rude. I saw it the day it went up. But ya know? And when I say ya know, I mean if you know what kinda shit they routinely do over at Wonkette, you should not be surprised. They deal in not only bad taste there, they revel it it.

Oddly (or perhaps not) some GOPers really don't get what that site is about. (It must really suck to be that stupid.) It is not a serious thing. It's not trying for even the slightest bit of professional newsyness. It's like Mad Magazine, but it's a different flavor of rude. They are trying for funny and sometimes I think they nail it. Sometimes I think it's a swing anda miss for them. But that is what they are about.

But hey, if some people wanna throw a fit, have at it. I am reminded of a discussion I had with some pecker headed wing nuts on that message board I used to frequent. And I think it was over some allegedly rude joke about one of Mrs. Palin's other kids. In any case, I made the simple argument, based on the vile inside joke comedians love, "The Aristcrats," that in theory nothing is too rude, for comedy. Trick is in being rude and being funny at the same time, but not be offensive. It's the risk of comedy. That's why I am so much more critical about people who have day jobs who get caught telling a lame, dumb, or offensive joke. I have no problem putting the screws to amateurs. What's that old line from the commercials and such? "These are trained professionals. Don't try this at home."

Ya. And here is the difference between a trained professional, and an amateur. An amateur will get all defensive, and blat about not meaning to insult. That whole pathetic routine. But a professional will take that swing anda miss attitude. That joke bombed? Ok, I got another one for ya . . . So even if Wonkette loses some ads I don't think they are going to stop being rude, and trying to be rude and funny at the same time.

Let's see what they got going on today. Under the description: DUMB PEOPLE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, a piece "Ayn Rand Sucks." It links to this on going net comix that really has it out for Rand and her cult. It's not a home run but it might have promise.

Also, under the description KOCHSUCKERS, a piece about the Koch brothers' voter guides for their employees.

And further down the page under the description, ARGHH MATEY is a piece titled "Obama Is Actually a Somali Pirate Child."

Whether they are funny? Eh. But do they intend to be serious? Not in the least!

And before I head for the exit, I did mention that TrigGate is sort of a tag along to another story. And that's the Trig Birther Trig Truther "movement." That is, if you think a few nit wits who are still stuck on that shit counts as a movement. Personally, with all that is wrong with Mrs. Palin, whether or not she is the mother of the wee one is not really important. In an odd way, I think that was in the back of the minds, at least, of the Wonkette writers. Swing anda miss on that one, guys.

Edit to add:

It gets weirder. The writer has been "disciplined."

But hey, now that this particular non story is dying down, we can guess at the next non story. P. Obama and his fundraisers in Cali should give the wing nuts something to go batshit over.

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