Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No. You Silly Racist Tea Bagger. It's Not an Either or Situation.

That silly racist piece of garbage out in OC Cali has a new defense.

It was satire.

Um. Lady. Our shameful national history is deep in patently offensive racist "humor," "satire," and "jokes." It's not an either or situation. But her tone deafness is unfortunately typical of the right wingers. She says she did not intend to be racist? What the fuck? That makes it worse! If she is actually running around unaware of being a racist, that at minimum is a very bad thing. I want to say it's worse than being a knowing racist. But let's hold off on that.

There are degrees of racist harm, and blameworthiness. I'd say the standards are based on the objective act, not the state of mind, so much. I mean to say being a tone deaf idiot who doesn't seem to get that the chimp thing is off limits based on the history of racism in America, gets you in the racist club, at minimum. But that's less heinous a thing than actually depriving people their rights as people, because of their ethnicity/race.

I have to wonder if there is room in the party bylaws and rules and what not, to force her to attend some sensitivity training or be stripped of office? She really needs to have her eyes, heart and mind opened. Grinch.



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