Sunday, April 24, 2011

Line of the Week. Thanks Wonkette.

Last line, in a piece under the heading, PAUL RYAN'S GHOULISH GAZE:

"Thanks, Paul Ryan, For Reminding Voters GOP Wants To Kill Medicare & Social Security!"

"The teabaggers would literally shoot themselves in the face with those guns they love so much if they thought it might also hurt the coloreds."


I do disagree with the staff over at Wonkette about one thing. I don't think his gaze is ghoulish. I think it's more that of a Meth Head, or someone strung out on some other chemical grade crazy, if not the naturally occurring crazy. WTF is it with these crazy looking GOPers? If that is the way the people in your family, in your hood, in your workplace, look, don't be fooled, people. That's the way crazy people look. That's the thousand yard stare of street corner preachers and bag people. How can folk not know that? (Rhetorical q. Crazy people think each other look normal. A lot. There are limits, but since few crazy people are all crazy, there's a lot of camaraderie among the partials.)

Oh. And a quickie.

No, people. And I am embarrassed, otherwise, at the treatment of Bradley Manning pending trial. But there is no reason to throw a fit over P. Obama saying he broke the law. He's POTUS, not on the SCOTUS. He does not have a professional obligation to be neutral over the subject of a Federal Criminal Inquiry. He is the chief law enforcement of the Nation. All the Federal prosecutors answer to him. So chill out. Stick with the argument that is actually founded in reality, that the treatment of the poor boy has been an embarrassment to the Nation and the People of Our Constitutional Republic.

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