Saturday, April 16, 2011

Like I Said Earlier, Trust The Comics . . .

Headline of the week, courtesy of those snarky larks over at Wonkette:

"President Caught On ‘Hot Mic’ Saying Things He Should Just Say In Public."

Granted, I think the staff over at Wonkette are not true comics/comedians in the classic sense of the word. But their enterprise is more one of intended to be funny than intending to be serious political commenters. And sometimes I think their collective humor sensibilities are too . . . what's the word I am thinking . . . too much of an inside joke to have broad appeal. But I think they have been getting generally better. Or maybe I am getting their inside jokes better, from osmosis of continued and repeated exposure.

Anyway . . . . And as has long been the case in the wide world, the most funny stuff has not only a germ of truth to it, but has a lot of truth to it. But before I break that part down, and the President's statements as well, let's recap the lyin' liars of the GOP bullshit. Echoing the old line attributed to some Vietnam War Era commander, "We had to bomb the village to save it," the GOP, through Looks-Like-A-Meth-Head, Lyin' Ryan recently proposed to save the Medical Insurance Plan known as "Medicare" by converting it from a Medical Insurance Plan into a voucher plan. Lying assed scumbag weasels. Oh. And the irony in that plan is it closely resembles the dreaded "ObamaCare," as those shits call it. Save, that the one plan requires the younger (healthier) folk to have insurance, and gives them the voucher if they need it. As opposed to the GOP plan, which requires the needy of care elderly to bankrupt themselves. Remember Death Panels? This GOP plan is worse than Death Panels. It's a Death Scheme.

That's the premise. Then P. Obama, actually quite mildly, rebuked Lyin' Ryan's proposal during his speech, earlier this week. More irony. The collective wail out of the wing nuts was that P. Obama was (as Limbaugh said it) bitch slapping Ryan (with out mentioning his name once, mind you.) So I guess Lyin' Ryan is their "Anointed One." Criticize the holes and lies and inhuman policies in his plan and it's HERESY! Ya. These people are that sick.

But on to the Wonkette quote. In an allegedly closed donor meeting, P. Obama made some critical (yet again mildy so) statements about the GOP. The GOP freaked. And that not only is funny, considering the depth and volume of hate he has endured from those shits. But for peeps like me, for Yella Dog Dems, our reply to that was:

About fucking time!

And it proves one of my favorite tactical theories. Keep the pressure on those shit-headed, lying-assed, bully-bigots, and you win. I hope this means that if it is not yet time when Obama takes the gloves off, he at least now knows, it's a fight. And it's a street fight.

Go get 'em, Tiger.

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