Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Let's Talk Budget, and Other Things Never to Trust a Republican About.

(As if there is any area or subject one can reasonably trust a GOPer about.)

Firstly, the thing that has been buzzing around my head since the GOPers started this season's Chicken Little routine, about how the sky was falling, and how that means we have to slash gvt. spending. These pukes have a not only bias against Federal spending, but that is one of the pillars of the philosophy of modern conservatism. They believe on the best of days (for the Federal Fisc) that smaller is better, and that means that less spending (on things they don't really like, which is most everything that helps real people and real workers, not the corporate and monied classes,) is the way to go. Knee-jerk, default. 24/7/365.

So when they sing basically the same song, but there is a deficit "crisis," well it's the same shit kids, different day. Let's not pretend they are even remotely the voice of reason here. They are the voice of extremist anti (Federal, at minimum) government. They are modern day descendants of the British outlaws, just as conservative writer Thomas Sowell opines in his essay/book about rednecks.

So here comes the quote of the week. And it is that because well, it totally supports my corollary to the Sowell redneck theory. They are government-hating outlaws and bandits, at heart. Anyway, the following, in an exchange between Ceynk Uygur, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, as retold by one of the editors at Mediaite:

"Sen. Sanders called the Republican tax cut policy “Robin Hood in reverse.”"

Ya. That pretty much nails it.

Granted, Sen. Sanders speaks the truth in the segment, far as I see it. I am sick and tired of otherwise well meaning folk acting like trying the meet these GOP lying assed weasels halfway is anything but a capitulation. Because it is. You don't entertain the crazy person's delusions, well, not unless that is required to save your or someone else's life that is in current peril. Moving away from the metaphor, the problem with giving these GOP bastids an inch on their delusional macroeconomic theories is that by doing so you are legitimizing a demonstrably false economic theory. And that is bad for the Nation.

I'll stop there for now. No wait. One last thing. That weasel Ryan? Who's pushing a new soak the workers and the poor, budget? Hate him, but that is not the point. He's trying to gut Medicare? So hey, somebody tell me, where's that Teabagger with his/her sign saying

"Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare?"


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