Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If You Want Serious Commentary on Politics, Go With the Comics.

And the race for best bit this week is heating up. There's Jon Stewart's take down of the GOP Wanna Be Nominee field. The Shot at The Donald was particularly good stuff.

Jon Stewart on The Contenders.

Running basically equally is Steven Colbert's take down of that snake man Sen. Jon Kyle. Colbert on Kyl.

And since we are on the topic of Kyl, dare I ask is it unfair to brand all of the GOP as equally faithless and dishonest as he? Well there's a certain madness to his nearly-honest correction. I mean, could a human get any closer to admitting they are a damned liar with out flat out saying so?

Kids. I know as a matter of "fair practice," it's wrong to paint the entire GOP with this brush. But ya know? So many of them do that shit. They will just make shit up, tell out and out lies, repeat and repeat again pure bullshit they know really is not true. But since bullshit is one of the few rhetorical styles they know (along with bullying,) they do it all the freaking time. It's all they got, really, since the facts more often than not are against them. Never mind reason. That's an alien concept to the Current GOP.

Oh. And one last thing for now. I have seen in a couple places, already, peeps using/making "Private Ryan," references to Paul Ryan. Nah. I prefer the rhyming Lyin' Ryan. It's accurately descriptive.

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