Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Will be True to My Blog's Name, and Abstain from Complementing That Hack Clement, re DOMA Defense.

I'm not being contrary to be provocative. I'm not doing anything that pathological. But am I myself being a wee bit politically-motivated? Maybe. But this is all just (well mostly at least) politics, seems to me.

To explain, the high $$ private attorney who Speaker Boehner hired to defend the purely wing nut, bigoted, Christianist, politically-driven Defense of Marriage Act had to sever ties with his former firm. Seems the former firm caved to pressure brought to bear upon it, on account of the bigoted nature of the thing. So Clement had to (some might argue chose to) take the file to another firm. And a bunch of lawyers have decided to lavish praise upon him for doing so.

Now let me state and restate my biases. I despise the GOP. I hope to see it brought to its knees in my lifetime. If I were a praying man, I'd be praying to see that happen, daily. So I can't bring myself to heap praise on some lawyer for furthering the GOP Christianist, bigoted agenda. Furthermore, I don't like other lawyers all that much. Don't get me wrong. There are the lawyers I know and consider friends, and I am as likely to defend the club as I am to tell lawyer jokes. Well, to be more honest, I am more likely to tell a lawyer joke. Love them. But more's the point, I don't feel any loyalty to the club on the level of kow-towing to a perceived group think. So if a bunch of lawyers want to crown Atty Clement with the Laurel, there's nothing to stop me from saying, what the fuck? And here I go.

What the fuck?

But here's my argument for taking a what the fuck attitude to this whole sordid circle jerk of a professionally embarrassing display of undeserved adoration.

Save me the noble lawyer action - shit. This is a political matter that is going before the USSC. The fact of the retainer of a lawyer by Congress to defend this law, is a political thing. It will be argued as, and the opinion will be written in the jargon of Constitutional Law. But particularly with this heavily politically corrupt SCOTUS, it's likely going to be another political decision. So no nobility on that note.

Next, consider the client. Is there really a human client here? It's institutional. Sorta. Granted, Speaker of the House Boehner seems to be in the shoes of the surrogate "human" client, but again, the client here, the entity that is being defended is a law. And that law is a particularly politically-driven, partisan thing. So on that matter too, there's nothing really noble going on here.

Lastly, this is really basic lawyer shit. Clement agreed to the case. So no matter the other aspects, giving him mad props for doing what he's basically required to do under the Rules of Professional Responsibility? What the fuck? It's such a non event they (the lawyers complimenting him) might as well be singing his praises for getting to the court house on time, or not breaching ACP. It's not noble, people. It's just doing the ordinary job in the ordinary way, without breaking the profession's rules of conduct.

Anyway, that's my take on it.

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