Monday, April 04, 2011

I Hope For the Day We no Longer Talk About the Tea Party, as if it is Real.

That's actually the follow up. And well, it's been a constant theme of mine from the beginning of this media generated, astroturfed-financed alleged 'movement' of mostly extremist right wing nuts. Who were always there. And before the term tea party was in use I just called them the worst 30% of the GOP -- the most likely to be basically racist part.

Anyway, licking the bags of the tea baggers has become the GOP leadership's chore, lately. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama did so on tv recently:

Sen. Sessions "Offended" that Dems Point out Reality of "Tea Party."

Never mind, Senator, that nationally "support" for them across the board is at about 30%. And by support, we should make clear that is people doing nothing more than saying so, over the phone in a poll. That is not the number of people sending in their money to any tea party sub group, or showing up at any meetings. This is mere psychic support. And most Americans, according to the data, are some what offended by those people, Senator. You are on the wrong side of the facts. But you are are a cleaned up good ol' boy. Them tea baggers are your constituents. You can't go around acting like they are strange. Well not unless you care more about truth and reason and facts than your career. And you are a GOPer. So that shit is not going to happen.

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