Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day. And Some Quickies.

How best to celebrate Earth Day? Depends on the weather. And it's looking good for a walk in the park. Well, make that a walk to the park, and then in the park.

On to some quickies.

I started reading a story on Trig Birthers. Got bored way fast. Yes, I confess to having read some of that shit back in '08. Again, who really cares?

Moving back to my own shit, seriously and really, I checked out the stats tab here in the control panel, for the first time, today. I have actually had more hits here than I previous would have guessed. But Hey, several thousand of them must be pings. What ever. I'm not doing this for the attention as much as the therapy of expressing myself. I have had enough of an audience during my message board days. I used to, sometimes, get the accusation of being an attention ho, on those boards. My reply? Everyone on a message board to some degree is an attention ho. So whatever, doods. Some people have a pathological inability to grasp the obvious.

Moving on? Dare I talk about Trump any more? I'll just use him as the point of departure. The perverse little irony about commenting about people one finds odious is of course you are paying attention to them. In my case, as this blog is way on the ass end of the internet, it's not really adding to anyone's fame. Likely.

And in the category of giving props where due, it seems the Local GOP (some county leader there at least) is trying to oust that racist Marilyn Davenport. However the feeling is not universal out there in Orange County.

In a local paper (on line version) they have a quote from one OC GOPer decrying that the leaders threw her under the bus, even if the guy thought the email was racist.

Oh. Shit. She seems to have the beginnings of awareness of how clearly and badly she fucked up.

"I asked for her reaction to the scandal. Her shoulders slumped. She sighed, shook her head slowly and said, "I understand why everyone is contacting me. I wasn't wise in sending the email out. I shouldn't have done it. I really wasn't thinking."

But, I asked, are you really repentant?

"Yes. . . . Before I sent that email, I should have stopped to think about the historical implications [of depicting a black man as an ape]," she said. "That can be offensive . . . and I am so sorry.""

Hey. Kudos to her. I almost want to take back the harsh stuff I said about her. Almost. This is a process, however. And as I used to tell people on that damned message board, not being a racist is not really a state of achievement. It's committing to the process of self examination and also exercising inner and outer control. In particular one must carefully examine one's thinking, and where necessary change, and thereafter, constantly monitor.

Oh. Hey. Didn't I say, last time I posted about her, that maybe they can send her to sensitivity training, get her some rehab? Ok. I repeat that. Who knows. It might really sink in, now!

Ok. That's it for now.

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