Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giving Credit Where Due . . .

Jan Brewer Vetoes Presidential Birther Bill.

Honestly, I thought she would have been down with that racist birther shit. I was wrong. So Kudos to Jan Brewer for putting common sense before politically expedient racist sentiments.

(Now if only we can get her to stop hating on the Mexicans . . . .)

Edit to Add:

Hell must have frozen over. I agree with that evil pigeon Charles Krauthammer. Re Donald Trump he says,“the vulgarity of him is offensive.”

But first, let me explain the pigeon reference. Krathammer has this ugly, scavengerish look to him. Reminds me of those nasty looking things found in big cites that are often called flying rats. (Ok. I'm not being nice. I can live with that.)

Now on to the Donald. Now I do not think the Donald is deliberately trying to make the rest of the field look better by comparison. But ya know? A ding bat like Mrs. Palin, who very well might be the perfect vision of Redneck Royalty, looks a lot less vulgar next to him. Hell, that awful comb over even makes Palin's coif, which I call a modified mullet, look less vulgar by comparison. Now there would be no reason for him to be trying to do that, particularly. I'm just amused to see the contrast. No matter which of these dwarfs in the GOP roster gets the nomination, they are still going to be Dwarfs. I really don't think he is running. But if he does, I do hope he busts out in the primary and runs as an independent. I see that ending with nothing but good news for the Dems.

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