Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cowardly or Clever?

Mrs. Palin, trying to have it both ways, on the Birther Thing.

Mixed Message, hmmm?

She commends Media Ho Trump's racist birthism by saying."More power to him," but says herself, she believes P. Obama was born in Hawaii.

This is a classic coward's move. She avoids dismissing the insane racist wing of the GOP, with out siding with them. And at the same time personally voices the reasonable point of view. I guess some people are stupid enough to give her a pass. But honestly lady. You are only fooling the people more stupid than you are. And there are only so many of them (even if way too many.)

PS: I did not watch the video myself. I just wasn't up to listening to that horrid voice. To my ear it's half cackle, half nails on a black board, and half Barbie Doll on a Crystal Meth freak out.

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