Saturday, April 02, 2011

Casper the Friendly Ghost Did Not Go There? Guess He Really Did. Shameless

White Conservative Says it's a Shame Obama is the First Black President.

Ok. This gives us a great chance to expand on Thomas Sowell's Redneck Theory. Yes Mr. Sowell. There are black rednecks. And I don't only mean those living the shiftless life, and being some urban or otherwise dark skinned version of trailer trash. As Mr. Foxworthy says,"Complete lack of sophistication." That makes Mr. Herman Cain very redneck. Cain was been saying some seriously unsophisticated shit, from the starting gate. Just in that clip he plays the black on black game, I'm blacker than he is. Coming from a GOPer, it's particularly fucked up.

"95% of you other Negros? You all wrong. GOP is the way to go."

Never mind the other day he was singing that old song I really find to be 100% racist, the one about the Democratic Plantation. Shee-it.

Anyway, I could go longer on Cain, but I am sure I will get another chance, likely soon. Let's move on to the radiohead there, Wilklow (sp?) He's very redneck too. He is so redneck, meaning unsophisticated, that he said he sent money to Cain, on account of Cain being (for all intents and purposes) a redneck. I think what he said actually was some redneck ideology shit about how it was "refreshing" how Cain had no government experience, and just said what he thought instead of being calculating. Well that means he's not sophisticated, and therefore redneck.

Moving on, Hannity? Hannity is one of those sorta cleaned up rednecks. I think he wishes he were the genuine thing, He seems to admire the real low class denizens. But he really likes his creature comforts, his wealth, his portfolio. But no matter how calculating he may be about his career, his cognitive skills are on the simple side. So he's a redneck at heart, at least.

Lastly, the guy I called Casper in the subject heading. Forgot his name. Honestly. He might as well said what he really meant, that he would have preferred a good nigger be the first black president than Obama. That message got through to me, loud a clear. Not only a redneck that one, but a fucking ugly racist who has mastered the art of speaking in code, and sounding the racist dog whistle. Revolting!

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