Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By Far, Not My Most Brilliant Observation/Projection, But . . . .

Seems to me that smart money is on Campaign 2012 to be the nastiest shit anyone has seen here, in America. I predict the GOP will drill down even deeper than ever into the shit hole. I expect them to set an all time new low for sleaze.

So far we have the resurgent and expanding birther shit, from the wing nuts. Now the issue of P. Obama's grades/transcripts are in play. Thanks again, Trump-Hump. (And that mean old, racist Pat Buchanan's selling that bullshit, too.)

Oh. And that reminds me, you tea bagging (or teabag curious) fuckers. No. It is not for P. Obama to meet any of your demands for a damn thing. You all are not going to vote for him anyway. No natural force in the world is going to make that happen, so zip it with these . . . why doesn't he just turn over . . . .questions. It's basically a lie, that tactic.

Ok. Back to the shit in play. Once again, they are trying to make up a Pastor problem. Oy vey! And now Franklin Graham, already siding with the tea bagging birthers, is questioning P. Obama's flavor of Christianity. Side bar. Over the past week or so I have been watching a British series on the English Monarchy. I just finished the second series. It ended with the Restoration of Charles II. And this was a really good, in depth documentary. So I have just had my deepest trip into the history of the English Religious Wars. So Franklin, kudos for you, for keeping the most vile, ugly, vicious, nasty, bigoted elements of Christianity alive in the 21st century. NOT!

Anyway, this is where we are now. And the game has barely begun.

But wait. There's more. I'm sorta getting more of a complete picture how the lower class wing nuts work. You can call this part of my on going redneck studies, or just my general interest in the pathology that is the Right Wing. Here's what I am getting. Beyond the obvious racism, and the cultural contempt, there is the huge, and I mean fucking huge streak of envy. When these low class tea baggers and wing nuts tear down P. Obama its not just politics. It's something on the order of,"How dare that nigger have a better education, or house, or job, or have more money, more power or status than me?"

I know I can not say all of one, all of the other, and make a valid argument. But here is what I at least believe. I think more of the liberals more so hate the ideology, and the meanness of the right wing, than the people. And that is to say that if those people could shut the fuck up some, and stop trying to force people to live their lives the way they say, we on the left would have a much more relaxed attitude towards them. And for the record, making society more tolerant of just about any kind of folk but for intolerant folk is not the same damn thing. Not by a continent.

But I really think a unfortunately large number of the right wing really hate people who are not like them. I mean really. That's what all that culture war shit is about, really. Its a level of bigotry that is so deep, that it must violently, at least as an emotional thing, if not as a physical thing, attack and destroy the other. Oh. Sounds like racism at its worse as well. Any yes, it might be down to the level of dog whistles, and code words, but let us not pretend that the GOP is still stuck on the idea of people like us. Which is why I hope to see it disappear. I want to see the GOP disappear as much as I want racism, and injustice, and religious bigotry, and just plan selfish childish nasty meanness to disappear. Like all bad things and ideas, all that belongs on the shit heap of history. So I say.

Oh. One last note (I did go tangential there, but hey. It's the core theory I just posted there. That's my desire for society, in a nutshell.) Let me finish the previous point. When I say low class or lower class, do not limit that to a particular economic class. If anything, Donald Trump proves that one can be a multi millionaire, as still be as repugnant as the worst of crystal meth addicted trailer trash. I wanted to be clear about that.


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