Thursday, April 28, 2011

Those God Damn Birthers!

Brotherman lays out a powerful case why the whole birther thing is the most odious kind of racism. I have just taken that for granted with out the breakdown.

But here is my explanation of why it was odious, even with out the racism part.

Imagine you ask someone out on a date. They say,"No 'effin way I will go out with you. But will you wash my car for me? Will you watch my dog? Will you drive me to the airport and pick me up when I get back?"

And they you ask, "If I do any of that, will you then go out with me?" And then they say, again, "No 'effin way I will go out with you. Now gimme a hundred dollars."

Ya. This whole birther thing and now the transcript thing, and what ever thing they come up with after that? It might be racist abuse. It might not consciously be racist abuse. But it definitely is abuse. And it's sickening.

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