Sunday, April 03, 2011

An Afternoon of Chamber Music at Lincoln Center. I'm an Elitist Pig Dog. Yea Me!

Chamber music with Anne-Sophie Mutter. The Mendelssohn was sublime. The encore was transformational. Even making things better. I got the killer upgrade. I bought the tix on line and not with enough time for them to be mailed. So I had the choice between printing at home, or going to the will call. I elected for the will call and got the bonus. I originally bought the cheap seats near the ceiling. Well it was close to the front of the top tier. Anyway, I got some sweet orchestra tix for the price of the nose bleed seats. Very Cool!

Anne-Sophie Mutter.

You don't have to share my tastes to be good people by my book. But mock me for elite tastes, values, or lifestyle, and then It's On!


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