Sunday, April 10, 2011

Addendum. Why Ann Althouse is Less Smart than Mrs. Palin. (Who is not really very smart, really.)

Go back to my previous post about Mrs. Palin, "Cowardly or Clever."

Logic says there's a reason she personally believes P. Obama was born in Hawaii. Is she some kinda fucking genius? Not hardly. But she was the GOP nom for VP, in the race against now P. Obama.

So here is the question that divides the fucking brainless total morons from everyone else. Do you think that if there was any real reason to believe that Birther shit, that the McCain Palin campaign would NOT have been all over that shit?

I mean it was as incompotent a campaign as can be imagined, but if there was a smoking gun there, it would have been turned up back in the 2008 campaign. Right?

That's why Mrs. Palin can say she believes he was born in Hawaii, born American. Cause the due diligence has been done already. Fuck a duck. Now she can play her cynical game of encouraging The Donald and appeasing (or at least not totally contradicting) the way the fuck too racist, looney base. But if she dared say she thought he wasn't an American, some former McCain staffers would (we have every reason to believe) be very happy to recount the briefing sessions when that was discussed, proven to be a tin foil hat baseless conspiracy theory, and dismissed by the campaign.

So anyone who comes along now, pimping that shit is just a fucking racist idiot. JMO.

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