Thursday, March 31, 2011

Those Wing Nuts in Congress Aren't Even Pretending to be Lawmakers Anymore. They Have Gone Rogue!

House GOP: We don't need no stinkin' Senate.

Eric Cantor, a member of the House Republican leadership, suggested this morning that the House will pass a measure mandating that a House spending bill will become law if the Senate does not pass a spending bill of its own by next week.

I know there's some sort of legislative term bar from arrest. But geeze louize, there should be some provision beyond impeachment for this planned gang rape of the US Constitution by the Right Wing Nuts. Just for the record folks. It's on account of shit like this that I am so through giving the benefit of the doubt that the GOP is not an enemy of the Federal Government. It clearly is, and should be dealt with, as such. More I think about it, the more treasonous it seems. Does the bar against arrest still count if a congress critter commits an act of treason? I might look it up, later.

But just to make sure I say the point plainly, these people have to go. Maybe not to prison, but no one possessed of a right mind can think they are actually really trying to govern the nation. It's as plain as day. They are trying to dismantle it, at the state, federal and social levels. They have to go!

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