Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quickies. What do You Call Reverse (Geographically) China Syndrome?

Do you call it Toledo Syndrome? I don't have a globe here, and I am not up for the math. Wait. Let me google it. Ok. I got a little obsessed there, worked it out and if that reactor in Japan that has melted the floor of the plant keeps melting shit until it comes out the opposite side of the planet, I expect it to come out off shore of Argentina. So call it South Atlantic Syndrome?

Moving on. Donald Trump is full on racist opportunist mode, with his birther whoring. I always thought there was something fundamentally shitty about him. Now I am convinced beyond any doubt of that.

Bill O'Reilly can't see the forest for the trees, re Mrs. Palin. Yes, she appears weak in not talking to the REAL press, but I don't think her poll numbers are down on account of that. They are down because even with out real reporters asking her real questions, she still comes across as some ignorant, snowbilly who's maximum brain power is equal to a bucket of snot.

Oh, and speaking of insulting Mrs. Palin, it's not necessarily sexist to use really harsh insults in her specific direction. It might be mean and nasty and meant to sting, ya. But it is not an indictment or slur against all women to viciously insult her for being no smarter than a bucket of snot, in the harshest terms possible. (Bill Maher is a Jersey boy. Love us or hate us, we usually don't do passive aggressive insulting. We call out a ho as a ho! If we really go old school we use the pronunciation who-ah.)

Anything else? Herman Cain. Kudos Herman. You have just proven as a concrete fact that yes, blacks can be every bit a racist as white folk. It's just that you happen to be a black wing nut racist.

Lastly, touching on one of my pet peeve topics of late. Yes Andrew Breitbart. We are trying to shut you up. You make us sick. And as opposed to wing nuts, who seem to believe in some childish, warped, redneck outlaw, unsophisticated and all the fuck ways hypocritical view on non-governmental involved free speech, we hold some values higher than that. For example, I would say my right to tell you to shut the fuck up means more to me than your right to be an obnoxious liar and rat fucking GOP hack badly masquerading as a journalist. But that is my explicit way of saying it. The more general liberal way of saying it, is society has a right to protect itself from being violated by shit like you. If society does not have the right to set standards, there is no real civilization. There's just outlaw rednecks, stinking up the joint. And we don't need any more of that, fuck you very much. Ok. I'll end there.

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