Monday, March 28, 2011

Outlaw Libertarians vs Social Contract Libertaritans.

Work with me here, kids. Please. Still working on the first cuppa joe. Anyway . . .

I was reading some article about that evil anti worker man, Scott Walker, and my mind got to wandering. (Again not enough coffee in the sys yet.) And I was thinking as evil as he is, problem really is with the allegedly independent/swing voters who put that nerdy mess in office. Thought hit me that they might be worse creatures than wing nuts. At least wing nuts are consistent in their ideology. They are more perfect in the sense they are perfectly wrong, the wing nuts.

Then I got to thinking about the other people I sometimes think of as worse than wing nuts. That would be the right wing libertarians. I start of saying it that way as there a a political axis/grid out there that fixes people on the traditional left/right spectrum, but as well on the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum. Slight digression -- page where I saw that argued that the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum is more important to what is some one's real core political philosophy. I'll just say I think that's an interesting theory.

Back on track. My next thought was a nugget that bubbled up from the back of the brain, relating to my redneck studies of late. If Thomas Sowell is correct, that the great American Redneck is a direct descendant of Scots Irish outlanders and outlaws, maybe that explains the more . . . for lack of a better word . . . insane brand of libertarianism that pollutes the American Right Wing. After that, the division as I have in the title came to mind. The insane brand of libertarianism seems to be more outlaw, more anti social, as it ignores in many cases the core rule of civilized society. That any person's liberty (or rights, other wise stated) stops at the next person's nose.

Granted, that is not a strict recitation of social contract theory, but it's a core idea of it. That's what I believe in. My liberalism, and my understanding of theory of Liberty is firmly rooted in that idea. But for these Outlaws, naw. It's all about them. Like a bunch of outlaw English/British highwaymen who claim to own the road or forest, and consider anything in it, or moving through it as theirs or theirs for the taking.

Ya. That's it. I think my theory of Right Wing Wing Nut group dysfunction is falling into place rather nicely.

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