Saturday, March 26, 2011

Has Bill Maher Been Reading My Theory About Thomas Sowell's Theory of the Menace of Rednecks to America's Well Being?

(Toldja I planned on using that as a cudgel against the wing nuts, metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Nope. I don't think Mr. Maher reads this blog. After all, I'm on the ass end of the Internet. This is The Frontier. It's like that place in the movie "Apocalypse Now," when the assassin shows up at the last American position, and asks the scared soldier where he could find officer in charge, and the soldier says I thought you were (some shit like that.) And there's the following scene where Brother Man Rocket Man says he don't need no flare, and homes in on the VC on the other end of the firing line who's taunting the troops by saying things like, Joe. Joe. GI Joe. Fuck You, Joe. And Brother Man Rocket Man takes his ass out with one shot of his grenade launcher. That scene really had an impact of me. But I digress.

Actually, wrong analogy. That's way too much action, for this joint. It might be better to say there should be a sign here, like those old maps saying,"Beyond Here Thar Be Monsters!"

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Mr. Maher isn't tracking this site. But in this clip he goes off on one of the most lame and racist (for lack of a better word) wing nut fads; birtherism. Shit. Even Sean Hannity is now pimping that ho. But I do agree with fellow Joisey Boy Maher. This is racism. And like he says to David Brooks, it's not the lack of overt racism that is notable. It's the staggering amount of covert racism that's prevalent in the wing nut party, that we are noting, and birtherism is a function of that. So we say. Anyway, link to the vid.

Only Race Could Explain Birthers.

Notable in this clip is David Brooks. I confess he drives me crazy on his worst days, but he's clearly not a wing nut. As far as alleged moderates go, he's sorta what one should sound like, I'd say. He's often wrong, but rarely is he crazy wrong.

Moving on, and as the text from the Mediate (don't want to call them journalists or columnists. Editor is better . . .) editor mentions, Tina Brown was like a Delphic Priestess. She really laid it out with her contemporary politics is like Lady Gaga, observation. I'd say the clip is worth watching just for that. And yes, it's the end of the tape, and there's good stuff happening before you get there.

But yet again (time to book end, kids.) Even if there was no mention of Thomas Sowell's Theory of the Menace of Rednecks to America, it's there. It's implied in the racism of the birthers, and the rise of stark raving lunacy in the political sphere. Lady Gaga Indeed. I love the observation for it's visual potency. But I would instead reactivate one of my own favorite images, that I have been using for years. And it's basically a mash up of two ideas. I call the strange theatre that has been going on with the wing nuts an Insane Clown Posse Clown Car routine.

Of course the Insane Clown part comes from the musical act. And the Clown Car is the classic gag where a seemingly impossibly numerous number of clowns come out of a tiny car. Ya. That what the right wing looks like, these days. But the clowns are insane.

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