Sunday, March 27, 2011

Definitions Matter. Fuck.

I'm telegraphing my real ox to gore there, but I could have posted this link to this vid featuring chatter about Michelle Bachmann for several reasons. I'm going with the false flag of sexism, Ms. Rubin plays, though.

Bachmann's a joke, but not according to everyone.

Firstly, I am tired of fucktard wing nuts changing the meanings of words to fit them better into their linguistically demented, bullshit arguments. No, ya bunch of lying assed bozos. Every time someone criticizes some human who has a nice matched pair of X chromosomes, that is not fucking sexism. Some people are clownish. Bachmann is Clownish. Palin is clownish. In the case of these two clowns imagine the following. Imagine how much shit a man would get if they had either clown's personality and ran around saying the stupid assed shit they do? Sexism my ass!

Seems to me GOPers/wing nuts really love that shit. Not only in the particularly odious context of creating a fake victimology meme. But it seems they only way some of them can (in their warped little brains) 'score a point.' I'll stop there for now. this is one of my deepest longest pet peeves. I swear. Fucking wing nuts would kill the entire English Language, and the common culture, if that's what it takes to get control of the country back. Talk about odious, blind, self serving zeal.

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