Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Over. You Lost. Deal With It.

I have been too much enjoying the implicit fact of it, to appreciate the symbolism of it. In fact, I have been bragging about it, even before Health Care Reform passed. The end of conservatism is near. Obviously. But is the end of Reaganism a core cause of teabagger insanity? This historian says, strongly, maybe.

The End of Reaganism

And the writer makes a lot of interesting points. I have been labeling the teabaggers as Revanchists. They appear as a perfect examples of that kind of Neanderthal who believes they lost something, and are entitled to get it back. The question is what do they think they have lost? I had been thinking sense of status, tied in to all the changes with that black man being in the White House, and the Wise Latina on the Supreme Court bench. Never mind that we are on the verge of the great demographic shift, when a white numerical majority will soon be a thing of the past.

And all those batshit crazy teabaggers know it. And they can't stand it.

But it could be more than that. Personally, I think of the Reagan years as the season of hell. It was a time when the zombies and pod people took control of power in the land, and the land suffered. But I was not a zombie or pod person. Any affection for that was something I could not appreciate. But the writer made me think that if for anyone who had any vested interest in that delusional view of the world and the nation, the passage of HCR by the black man and the lady in charge of Congress might be too much for their mentally enfeebled brains to stand.

They are in the last stages of denial before they have to lose their illusions, or if not, really go fucking nuts.

I hate saying it, but I think lots of them are going to chose going fucking nuts, before admitting it's over. They lost. And then have to deal with it.


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