Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's Not That Nothing Going On is Interesting Enough, But

rather, actually it is just so much more of the same.

I am mindful that one should not tempt either fate, or karma, so I try not to waste time hating the enemy, even when they are being hateful (I don't always succeed, I should say.)

But I really think Republicans are so close to being totally bullshit, that it is mostly useless to assume they are capable of rational thought and action. Yes. They are not all out of their damned minds, but the party/movement really is in the land of the wackos now. We are not only seeing some catering to the loony fringe, but over the past 25 to 30 years the party has embraced so much fucking crazy shit that it really doesn't matter that only some embrace the now fringy-ist of ideas. What is that expression from Roman Empire Days? Cross the Rubicon? Well in this instance the Rubicon is not a river but the boundary line between the land where reasonable minds can differ, and the frontier, past which is the land of people who eat their own snot and declare it to be simply the best thing they have ever tasted.

I'll stop there. My head is hurting, just thinking about how weird strange the GOP has let it self become.

Oh One note further. Is it wrong of me to hope Mrs. Palin does something even more embarrassing than her hand prompter tonight on Leno's show?


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