Monday, February 15, 2010

Isn't Sarah Palin Part of the Media Elite Now?


Moving past that, I want to say something about the weird theory about her hand-a-prompter. Some people are saying she might have done it deliberately to further endear herself to her base. Now I can not say no way, and have any basis for saying that. But I could argue, why?

She gains nothing. She is now the object of more ridicule. Reasonable GOPers now have more reason to think she is a dull-witted rube. And, I would argue, she is enough of a stark raving psychopath to think she can get away with anything at this point. Lastly, this woman is strictly a checkers player. Chess Play Mind, that whole thinking three moves ahead, is definitely not her style.

But for the fact there is, in the far right wing of the GOP, a group of folk who have more respect for ideology than intelligence, she would have been a mere footnote by now. Now those rubes say it is the attention her opponents give her that keep her in the limelight? What the fuck?

We are not giving her money. We are not giving her gigs on Cable News. We are not buying her craptastic ghost-written book. We want her to go back to the Mat Su valley, and stay.

Anyway, back to the title/subject line. Why do the rubes not consider her an elite yet? Well, even if she is raking in the bucks, and working for a big, New York Cable News Station, making shit loads of money for hardly working at all, and getting $100,000.00 for a speech, the fee she says she will return to the movement, they still see her as one of them.

Never mind the facts.

P.S. I might have said this before. Ya know if she gave all that fee to Haiti Relief, that would have made people like me hesitant to throw shit at her for a time. Oh, and it would have been great evidence that she is not what I call her, a raving psychopath. So I guess I get to keep calling her that. Yea me.


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