Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid's Silly Quote Proves That More So, Republicans are Consistently Racist.

Let me say first. I am light skinned "black." Normally I do not speak with "dialect." Well, I have a degree in Theatre, spent time and effort supressing the distinctions of the Urban New Jersey Accent of my youth, and my ordinary professional speaking voice is vaguely North East, but close to what a diction coach would call (slightly) Modified General American Diction. I can slip with out much effort into a Beacon Hill. When I am trying to impress I will go a little Midlantic, but that would only be in the right company.

Let me be clear. Both my visual appearance and diction have been noted by many people over the years, and not just my Theatre Professors, play directors, and Diction Coach.

So what is the big deal?

This is clearly yet another of those "Omy my god! We caught a Dem talking about attributes of race. That is racist!"

No, you stupid sons of bitches, that is not racism. That is merely talking about racial attributes.

Now this following quote I have taken off the Internet does not explain the way all republicans making a fuss about this non-story really think, but it explains a large amount of them sons of bitches:

"This should be a wake-up call to the 90+ percent of black SHEEP that blindly vote for DEMOCRATS… year….. after year…… after year……… and nothing ever changes……….. why is this even a surprise? there are just as many RACIST LIBERALS as there are RACIST CONSERVATIVES. If you thought different you never lived UP NORTH."

Is that ignorant irony, or ironic ignorance? Fuck a duck!


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