Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year. The Wing Nuttier Republicans are Still Here, and Sucking Like Never Before.

Not that that was likely to change merely because the planet has completed yet another turn around the sun. Anyway. On to my teaser. Let's call it a pre rant.

Due in large part to some message board debate I was having with some Right Wingers about how people in the USA (likely christians) should learn what the Iranian protesters really want before 'supporting' them, I came to something of an epiphany about what is most heinously wrong about the Protestant Heresy. But before that, let me finish the set up.

Right Winger Number One started in about sending them, the Iranian protesters, guns. That was before even asking whether they want guns. (Some of the protesters are currently dedicated to non violent struggle, so way to go, sport. Ya. Only a republican would want to give guns to non violent protesters!) But after that I was dealing with Right Winger Number Two. I will cut to the chase and say my last main line of argument with that clown was the argument, "Um, what if what these people really want is some lighter version of a theocracy? Do you really want to support a new version of Iranian Theocracy that no longer has a single Supreme Leader but instead has a Imam Council that can overrule any act of the elected government with a 3/4ths majority?"

That is not about the heresy though. The part about the heresy concerns what I see as the salvation-driven aspect of modern American Protestant christianity. Sure, the early church was hung up on Jesus' Sacrifice, and Him as the path to salvation. Seems to me modern American Evangelicals really have a warped sense of what was such a simple and elegant idea. They, the Evangelicals start off with the premise that they are already saved. They know this for a fact, according to them. Next, they think their understanding of the Divine and the Scripture and all that crap is totally right. Next, they believe their view of life, the universe, and everything is right.

And this is where it gets most ugly; they then believe they know everything. So what do these mini Gods (as only God knows all) do? They decided that not only are they saved, but they can be the savior to others.

And that is how we end up with a sick, warped, ugly, actually selfishly driven idea and or movement in the USA to arm nonviolent protesters of some Islamic Government.

One has to be wickedly arrogant to believe they know best and their motivation to act as some sort of savior could be the right thing to do. So thanks (not) Evangelical Leaders and Fathers. Your twisting of scripture has led to the existence of nation of tens of millions (think about the figure for the number of Right Wing Christianist, Hard Core Fundys or those sympathetic to their warped views) of dangerously delusional so-called christians who can't really understand that only God is all knowing, and the Son is the Savior (according to the core beliefs of the original religion), not their dumb assed selves.

Ok. I went longer than I expected. But I hope I made my point clearly.


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