Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At First it's Whoring for Jesus. Next it Will be Whoring for EXXON.

That college football player who writes in Bible citations in the black block below his eyes (making him look like a very dangerously crazy person?) Oh. I never heard about him until a couple days ago. He looks like a very dangerous crazy person, I should say.

Personally I find religions creepy. That is my baseline. But next and more so, I think the urge to proselytize not only creepy, but crazy. I try to live and let live, but I have my limits, and they are,"Dood, you are happy with your choice of dogma and unreality. Goodferyou. Now shutupaboutit. Really."

I am sure some people with very positive views about evangelical christianity think this kid is great stuff. Personally, I put him only one step away from, for example the paranoid schizophrenic man I saw on the 5 train, Sunday. He was preaching the gospel loudly in my car, no matter the fact no one asked him to share. I hate it when people do that shit.

But let's move past the religious part. Wait until the NFL players realize they can make some more scratch on the side by renting out their cheeks to the highest bidder. The NFL might end up as tacky commercial as NASCAR.

Not that I care that much about that aspect. It did come to mind, though.


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