Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No, Children. The Problem Isn't That the Washington Post Published That Horrid Palin Woman's Op Ed . . . .

the problem is the Main Stream Media has once again allowed the dirty tricksters of the GOP/Right Wing to manufacture a phony scandal. This must stop!

As some of you may or may not be aware of, an Op Ed piece allegedly written by that horrid Palin woman was published by the Washington Post. The topic was her call to President Obama to "boycott" the Copenhagen Climate Conference, partially on account of the feloniously stolen data from U. East Anglia. Now the very idea of a legitimate newspaper giving that horrid woman any more attention, particularly when she is out there trying to sell her book, is disheartening; they might as well have dumped the essay and instead published, in large font, Buy Sarah Palin's Book! It's Worth Your Time And Money. But the real problem is not that horrid Palin woman. The real problem is with how the media, en mass, has legitimized this patently staged scandal.

I doubt I am the only person who finds the hacking and leak of this allegedly sensitive data right before the Copenhagen summit, to be downright suspicious. As that character Dana Carvey used to play on that show, Saturday Night Live, The Church Lady, would say,"How convenient!" Personally, I think that even if the data was much weaker, the political operatives behind this manufactured scandal would have tried very hard to make much out of any scrap they found.

This seems to me to be nothing more than yet another mostly fake bit of Right Wing Republican Dirty Tricks political theatre. Who has forgotten the angry mob of local Floridians storming the county office during the recount, only to be later identified as GOP congressional staffers, flown in for the event? Who can forget Bush flying out to that aircraft carrier in a two seater? How about all those Astro Turf populist groups, kept alive by the generous contributions of corporations and trade associations? And more recently, remember the ACORN videos? It turns out that there was so much editing of those tapes that calling the 'investigation' itself a criminal conspiracy to commit criminal fraud, is saying it lightly.

So why is this phony "Climategate" story being treated seriously? Is the idea that there are two sides to every story so ingrained, that even if the other opinion is obviously faked, it must be presented? Yes. Shame on the Washington Post for legitimizing not only that horrid woman, and the phony argument she presented (contradicted by the WaPo's own reporting, earlier.) But shame should be spread all across the Main Stream Media, for not calling a phony a phony, and a fake a fake. If the opposition wants to refute the Climate Change Science with equally good science? Then that is perfectly fine. But don't treat the arguments stemming from some feloniously stolen data that has been spun faster than a speeding bullet, and folded more than the most intricate of Origami, as if it is legitimate. It is not. Media needs to stop being too cowardly to call out the fakes and the phonies out there. Isn't that their purpose and function -- to give us the facts?


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