Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obvious Racist, Nasty Christian Bigot.

I am going to mention that horrid Palin Woman's book, only to point out that she outs herself as a particularly obvious racist, in her book. She makes reference to a person of Lebanese ancestry (that she used to be quite friendly with, professionally at least) as "Falafel Lady."

Let's add to that, her answer in the Barbara Walters interview about increased Israeli settlements in the Palestinian lands. Never mind that with out saying so exactly, she indicated her belief in that end times, bat shit crazy talk, when she talked about all those Jews "Flocking," (her word) to Israel now and in the coming days. But her unqualified support for expansion of Jewish Settlements, even into current Palestinian lands shows a deep anti Palestinian bigotry.

And while I am calling her out, let me mention the recent revelation about how the Univision interview for McCain and Palin had to be canceled, on account of her ignorance regarding any issues involving Latinos.

Palin sure seems to have a thing about brown folk; its either indifference, or outright hostility.

Not only is a village in Alaska missing its idiot, but it is missing its Claven for its KKK chapter too.

And on that note, happy Pilgrim Party Day.


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