Friday, October 30, 2009

Sarah Palin is Still a Crook.

Yes, the whole Artic Cat bruhaha had my interest, and it still lives as something that might take a bite out of her ass, metaphroically speaking.

In brief, it appears Sarah Palin can't quite be honest about her finances, not only re the sponsorship, and all that. She also failed to report a trust that really was not limited to atty/legal fees.

Still and always a crook!

The ramifications of Linda's Arctic Cat complaint are still playing out, even three months after Palin quit her job, so that she could go out and start a third party movement or a new religion, or something else.

Linda's actions in the way the Arctic Cat complaint is playing out may have had more to do with Palin's resignation than any other set of events. Combined with activist Andree McLeod's continuing questions on chief executive accountability, Linda's remorseless peskiness is one of the highest achievements of our notorious Alaska bloggers.

This past week, Palin's people have filed her final Public Officer Financial Disclosure. It is incomplete, dishonest and may be so rife with enough purposeful lies, to be material evidence for a Federal or State of Alaska criminal indictment.


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